Was Tokyo bombed in WW2?

the tokyo files answers 東京ファイル Q&A

Question: Was Tokyo bombed in WW2?

Answer: Yes. Very much so.

Of the 100-plus bombing raids targeting Tokyo, the attack of March 9-10, 1945 left one million people homeless and killed 100,000. In total, American raids would destroy roughly half of central Tokyo. Here’s a time-lapse map of the raids showing the rapid spread of fire damage during the March 9-10 raid, centering on Koto-ku:

(For more about this map, see: Tokyo’s archaeology of World War II 東京の第二次世界大戦の考古学 WW2 sites)

And here’s a photo of Tokyo after the air raids. The building at lower-right is the Old Ryogoku Kokugikan 旧両国国技館, current site of the Ryougoku Sumo Hall (map).

Other Japanese cities were even harder-hit. Almost everyone is aware of the damage to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, decimated by atomic bombs, but the fate of Japan’s other cities often gets overlooked. Here’s a list of the sixty-seven Japanese cities bombed…

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