Map of American occupied Tokyo, 1948 GHQ東京占領地図

Map (1)

GHQ 地図 (map) in Occupied Japan オキュパイドジャパン. Notice the street names…Avenue Q…15th street.

Source: I think this guy…but I downloaded it a while ago, so can’t be sure.

Map (2)

There’s also this map from the National Library of Australia: “City map, central Tokyo / prepared under the direction of the Engineer, GHQ, FEC ; by the 64th Engineer Base Topographic Battalion” (1948). The full map (below, right) is at a decent resolution. For greater detail, see the library’s website. Three examples are below, left. Interestingly, the GHQ Laundry is the current location of Tsukiji’s vegetable and fruit market.

Also, in one of the map details we see the “7th Cavalry Rifle Range”; this is the Okubo rifle shooting range 大久保小銃射撃場, the remains of which can be seen in the film, “Killers on Parade” 夕陽に赤い俺の顔 (1961).

See also:

See also:


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