White walls and black roofs of old Kurashiki 倉敷市の観光

Photos and travel information about Kurashiki 倉敷市, in Okayama Prefecture 岡山県.

Local train ride from Okayama to Kurashiki Station:

1. Local train from Okayama to Kurashiki

Walking from Kurashiki Station to the bikan historical district:

3. Kurashiki storefront dragon

The bikan district is home to a pleasant canal and dozens of 17th-century kura 倉 warehouses from which the city earned its name:

The black roofs of Kurashiki glistening in the sun, as seen from the nearby Achi shrine 阿智神社 (Achi jinja):

8. Kurashiki bikan district black roofs shiny

Kurashiki tourist and sightseeing maps:

Location of old Kurashiki on Google maps: here


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