Expansion of Metropolis around 1930s 都市から郊外へ : 1930年代の東京

Excerpts from the program for the 2012 exhibit, “Expansion of Metropolis around 1930s” 都市から郊外へ : 1930年代の東京 (From city to suburbs: the 1930s Tokyo), at the Setagaya Literary Museum 世田谷文学館.

(1)  少年探偵団 」 “Detective Boys” illustration from 「 少年倶楽部 」 1937 年 5 月号 “Boys Club” 1937 May issue


(2) Photographer 桑原甲子雄 Kineo Kuwabara: 

《 麹町区霞ヶ関 》 ( 『 東京昭和十一年 』 より ) “Kojimachi-ku Kasumigaseki” (from “1936 in Tokyo”)

《 渋谷駅前 》 . ( 『 夢 の 町 』 より ) 1939 年 “Shibuya Station”, with the Hachiko statue, (From “Dream of the town”), 1939


(3) 時代 は 無声映画 から トーキー へ 。The era from silent movies to to talkies. – early motion pictures from 映画会社 P.C.L (Film company P.C.L. ) the predecessor of Toho Cinema

  • 伊原宇三郎 《 トーキー 撮影風景 》 1933 年 Usaburo Ihara “Talkies shooting landscape”, 1933
  • 《 エノケン の 千万長者 》 ( 監督 : 山本嘉次郎 ) 1936 年 “Enoken’s Ten Millions, or Enoken’s Billions” (Enoken no senban choja) (Director: Kajiro Yamamoto) 1936

PCL Film Studio ピー・シー・エル映画製作所 would eventually become Toho Co., Ltd., as noted in The Toho Studios Story: A History and Complete Filmography, and Japanese and Hong Kong Film Industries: Understanding the Origins of East Asian Film Networks.


As noted in my post on the history of advertising balloons, the first appearance of an ad balloon in a motion picture was in the the 1933 P.C.L. film,  『 音楽喜劇 ほろよひ人生 』“Musical Comedy – Intoxicated Life / Ongaku Kigeki – Horoyohi Jinsei”, a musical comedy about the joys of beer drinking, which functioned as an advertisement for its backer, Dai Nippon Beer 大日本麦酒*. The film was called “‘a modern work that had never existed in the history of Japan’”[*]. The following is the title sequence from “Musical Comedy – Intoxicated Life” (YouTube)

(4) Development of ‘suburban residential areas’ 郊外住宅地 such as Denenchofu 田園調布 and Seijo 成城 , examples of garden cities 田園都市:

リーフレット 《 同潤会駒澤分譲住宅案内》 Leafleft: “Dojunkai Komazawa condominiums guidance” (1932)

Architectural model of 野上弥生子邸 / 野上彌生子邸 Yaeko Nogami House (Seijo house 成城の家), designed by 森可修 and completed in 1929 (photo)(link)(blog) – I believe this house was moved from its original location in Setagaya-ku


(5) 楽譜 《 東京音頭 》 ( 作詞 : 西條八十作曲 : 中山晋平 ) Score for “Tokyo Ondo” (Lyrics: Yaso Saijo composer: Shinpei Nakayama) 1933


(6) 《 伊勢丹 スケート 用品 の ウィンドウ ディスプレイ 》 1933 年 10 月 “Isetan skating supplies of window display”, October 1933


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