Japan’s Women Police, 1946 and beyond 日本の女性警察官

Two photos from the library:

(1) CAPTIONED: “Japan’s Women Police – Japanese women are now doing police duty in Tokyo. Above one of the female police force patrols the streets of Tokyo along the market place in the Konda [sic] district.”

As seen in the photo, the Occupation inserted their own signage to Tokyo’s roads. Seen in this photo is “Route 2N Tokyo”

(2) CAPTIONED: Japanese Women Police – For the first time in Japanese history, women are being trained for police duty. Above, one of the 63 women [illegible] among 1,200 applicants get a lesson in judo from two Tokyo instructors…[illegible]

Note: there appears to be a chicken coop in the background.

And more recent pictures of women in law enforcement…

(3) A photo from a 2005 New York Times article, “Murmurings of a Geisha

“She has a weakness for Tanizaki books and Audrey Hepburn films.”

(4) Tokyo police posters depicting a female office

See also:


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