Months ago I planned on writing an elaborate post about small and mid-sized businesses in Japan. But 18 months later I’ve only just returned to this post, so I’ll just share some photos and brief thoughts.

The city of Kawaguchi is just across the river from Tokyo; the city has an industrial history, so I wasn’t surprised to find a number of small factories and workshops lining the river. For various reasons, these factories make me happy – firms that make things and engage with the physical world. You can accuse me of romanticizing labor, I don’t mind. These companies are an antidote to the sterile corporate aesthetic that dominates the high-rent office districts of Tokyo, such as:

Back in Kawaguchi there’s a company, called (株)ミクロン Micron. Its product is precision spring manufacturing 精密バネ製造, from what I can tell. Location: 埼玉県川口市東領家3-25-11 (map)

The following is (probably) Masakazu submersible pump (Ltd.) Kawaguchi factory 正和水中ポンプ(株)川口エ場  (map)

And some views of the neighborhood as night falls:

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