Tokyo transportation and subway museums 東京の交通博物館

People often reach my blog with the search terms “Tokyo Transportation Museum”, “Tokyo Subway Museum”, or “Tokyo Train Museum”. Fair enough. Let me tell you what I know.

There are several museums in the Tokyo area related to trains, subways, and transportation. The ones I know are:

(1) Tobu Museum of Transportation & Culture 東武博物館 (map)

  • 35 minutes from central Tokyo

(2) (Oume) Ome Railway Park and Museum 青梅鉄道公園 (map)

  • 70-80 minutes from central Tokyo
  • a.k.a. “Oume Tetsudo No Koen” or “Oumetetsudeo Park”

(3) JR East Railway Museum 鉄道博物館 (Tetsudo Hakubutsukan) (map)

  • ~50-60 minutes from Tokyo Station
  • Just north of Omiya Station in Saitama, the museum is reached by the New Shuttle ニューシャトル, “a manually driven rubber-tyred people mover”

(4) Tokyo Metro Museum 地下鉄博物館 (map) (formerly the Subway Museum 地下鉄博物館)

(5) Old Shimbashi Station Railway History Exhibition Hall 鉄道歴史展示室 (map)

(6) History Garage, Car Museum メガウェブ (map)

  • 25 minutes from Shimbashi Station
  • Per Where in Tokyo“Though it’s officially part of Toyota Mega Web, the History Garage is located at the opposite end of the Venus Fort shopping mall, about five minutes away from the giant showroom and test-drive areas.”
  • Review: Japan – History Garage Odaiba (Engineered to Slide)

(7) Nippori Station 日暮里駅 ” “train museum” (トレインミュージアム) (map)

  • Not an actual museum, this trainspotting location provides 13 tracks with a “view of some 2,500 passing trains each day”.

(8)  TOKYU  Train & Bus Museum 電車とバスの博物館 (Kawasaki) (map) (website)

(9) Tamagawa taishō an 玉川 大勝庵 (Futako-tamagawa) (map)

(10) Yokohama Municipal Tramway Museum (Yokohama Streetcar Museum)  横浜市電保存館 (map) (website)

(11) Keio Rail Land 京王れーるランド (map)

(12) Shitamachi Toden Electric Tram Miniature Museum 下町都電ミニ資料館 (map)

(13) Bicycle Culture Center 自転車文化センター (near Meguro station; mapwebsite)

(14) Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park 碓氷峠鉄道文化むら (Gunma Prefecture; map)

(15) HARA Model Railway Museum 原鉄道模型博物館 (Yokohama; map)

(Other museums outside Tokyo)

  • Usui Pass Railway Heritage Park 碓氷峠鉄道文化むら, Gunma, Japan (map)

Some pictures of trains and train stations, just for fun…


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