Tokyo salarymen (and women) in the rain (Hibiya)

Standing with the Imperial Hotel 帝国ホテル to my back (map), I started watching pedestrians enter and exit Hibiya Station 日比谷駅 in a driving rain. I love umbrellas. An anachronism that will never disappear because they’re so darn useful.

I love how rain reminds us of the basic life needs: food, shelter, sleep, and….water!

This crowd looks well-prepared:

This woman seems unfazed:

These folks are happy to escape the rain and enter the shelter of the subway station’s entrance:

It’s a driving rain:

A rain to make you patient:


(1) – the building at the right is Nissay Theater 日生劇場, which is adjacent to the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater 東京宝塚劇場.

(2) – Tokyo Takarazuka Theater:

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater from underground subway sunlight

Nearby, across the busy road is Hibiya Park and Hibiya Hall:

A view of Hibiya Hall from Hibiya Park.
A view of Hibiya Hall from Hibiya Park.

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