Read about the Omori POW camp 大森捕虜収容所, off the coast of Japan, between Tokyo and Yokohama (blog).

In the tweet above, the first photo shows a square group of buildings, with a narrow neck of land jutting back and the the left. This is the same land that we see depicted on the US Army’s 1948 map of the area (using 1945 data).

Tokyo POW prisoner of war map 1948

In the map above, left, the camp is labelled “Possible Prisoner of War Camp”. To the left is a channel of water. Today, this channel has been largely filled-in, but the northern section is still water and is used for speedboat races. You can seen the wake of boats in the aerial photos.

I’ve never been to ボートレース平和島 BOAT RACE HEIWAJIMA (website) / (map), but on occasion I make vague plans to attend. Maybe this weekend? I’ve been saying that for years.

Postcard from the POW camp, May 1945:

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