Nikko and Yoyogi National Gymnasium: postcards from the 1960’s

A pair of postcards from a relative’s trip to Japan in the late 1960’s.

Yoyogi National Gymnasium 国立代々木競技場 (map)

This work by Kenzo Tange is #6 on my list: The Top 10 Buildings in Tokyo 建築めぐり 東京:

Text:  “Yoyogi National Gymnasium — build on the grounds of former “Washington Heights”, was designed by the world famous architect, Prof. Kenzo Tange. During the 1964 Olympics this structure served as one of the many main events.”

Other buildings by Kenzo Tange 丹下健三:

Iroha Slopes いろは坂 IROHAZAKA: Nikko National Park

Text:  “Iroha Slopes: Nikko National Park.  The finely paved hairpin slopes extend over 6.8 kilometers from Umagaeshi to Lake CHUZENJI. The slopes were so named because there were originally 48 curves just as the Japanese alphabet consists of 48 symbols.  The curves have been streamlined into 30 and the slopes make a nice driveway.”

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